Hill rowers take on Head of the Charles



Fall crew take on Boston for in preparation for the Head of the Charles annual regatta.

The Head of the Charles regatta is an annual regatta, or race, in Boston, Massachusetts. It is extremely famous, and several pronounced rowers have participated in the event. Because of its popularity, HOCR is a selective event. Founded in 1965, it is known as one of the most prestigious regattas in the world. It has attracted thousands of rowers to compete under its name. This year, 11,000 rowers raced down the Charles, including the Hill School Boat Club and several Hill alumni. The Hill School Boat Club showed high spirit and passion to have competed in an event like this. The team inspired and pushed each other to do better, which landed them a spot at the Head of the Charles regatta. 

The HOCR regatta began on October 22, and finished October 23. Since the announcement of HSBC’s participation, the Head of the Charles has been a popular conversation among team members.  

Kim Monzingo ’23, a rower for Hill since her 4th form year, said before the race, “I have no clue what to expect as I have never participated in this high level of a race. I am both excited and nervous. It is a wonderful opportunity, but I will be up against very hard competition.”  

When Monzingo came to Hill, she tried crew for the first time and fell in love with everything about it. Monzingo raced in the women’s youth singles against 45 people, and it was a head race. “A head race is where one person goes at a time, and they measure your time from start to position,” Monzingo explained. She expressed her excitement for what is in store for her and her team. Most of all, she is thankful that Hill can provide this wonderful opportunity.  

Michael Rapp ’24 has been a member of HSBC since his 3rd form year. He participated in the HOCR last year with Nate Whittemore ’23. Rapp shared that because it was their first time competing, they did not really know what to expect. After gaining more experience, Rapp was more prepared than last year and ready to compete better. He was confident that his boat would do great. Rapp prepared with his partner Colin McLenaghan ’24 the entire summer and fall, and they both worked hard to perform well. Rapp and McLenaghan competed in the men’s youth double this month. “While we know our competition will be hard, we know that we have done everything we can to increase our chances of placing well,” Rapp said. 

Head boys crew coach Will Scully has raced at the HOCR seven times but last year was his first time coaching the event. When asked about his expectations for the race this year, he spoke about the importance of “soaking up the atmosphere with thousands of people lining the banks of the river.” He was excited for his rowers and hoped they leave the water feeling like they raced their best race, ignoring the external results.  

Scully was optimistic about the rowers that the Hill sent to the water in Boston. “The success of our boats will be measured by internal measures,” he said. Scully explained that the course of the race is technically challenging, and he was excited for the kids because “the race, as well as the rest of the weekend, is such a staple in the rowing world, that every rower should have a chance to experience it at least once.” Similar to Monzingo, he was thankful to the school for allowing the athletes to have this opportunity.