Hill vs. Lawrenceville rivalry continues; here are the results


Hill students rush the field as the football team wins. Photo by Andrew Albert ’22

On Nov. 6, Lawrenceville fall athletic teams traveled to Hill for the 134th annual rivalry weekend. Amongst current students, athletes, and alumni, it was a weekend to remember. After hard-fought athletic competitions, the scores added up in Lawrenceville’s favor. Despite some outstanding efforts, the Meigs-Green Cup was awarded to Lawrenceville at the conclusion of the athletic competitions. Take a look at each game in more detail below:

Varsity football:

In the last quarter, Hill managed to come back after falling behind Lawrenceville 6-3. Captain Luke Cawley ’22 said, “We didn’t have the best season, but beating Lawrenceville meant everything, and winning the cup was special.” Final score: 10-3 Hill

JV football:

Luke Pickard ’22 celebrates after a play in the game against Lawrenceville. Photo by Andrew Albert ’22

“The game didn’t start off strong; we had multiple turnovers, but the team showed resilience and we didn’t give up. We fought back at half to make it a one-score game. In the second half, we made some mental mistakes, but we never gave up and fought to the final whistle,” Sam Soderman ’23 said. Final score: 33-18 Lawrenceville

Varsity girls water polo:

With an energetic fan section, Hill was able to control the game in the pool. Sixth former Emma Gray said, “It felt so good to win on senior night, and I’m super happy about how we all played.” Final score: 17-6 Hill

JV girls water polo:

“Our girls made significant improvements and continue to play cohesively as a team, even if the outcome wasn’t what we wanted,” Sophie Harborson ’24 said. Final score: 9-3 Lawrenceville

Varsity boys water polo:

The team worked hard the whole game, and eventually went into overtime. Goalie Artem Kyselov ’23 said, “It was hard. We did what our coach told us. We listened to each other; we helped each other, and we beat Lawrenceville.” Final score: 7-6 Hill

JV boys water polo:

Shunji Lewandowski ’24 said, “I think we played hard, and we could have won if we weren’t so tired.” Final score: 10-8 Lawrenceville

Varsity boys cross country:

Both the varsity and JV teams competed together this weekend. However, only the varsity scores contributed to the result of the race. Carver Fulmer ’23 said, “I think the race went as best as it possibly could have.” Final score: Lawrenceville won overall

Varsity girls cross country:

Similar to the boys, the girls cross country teams all ran the same race. “We ran as fast as we could, but they have double the amount of people. In my mind, we still won,” Adele Harris ’22 said. Final score: Lawrenceville won overall

Hill students cheer on fellow teammates. Photo by Andrew Albert ’22

Varsity boys soccer:

“The intensity was there. Yeah, I mean, I think we just all played our hearts out — just for the seniors that won’t have another Lawrenceville game. We really brought the energy, and you could feel it even in the warmups,” Brandon Guo ’23 said. Final score: 3-1 Hill 

JV boys soccer:

Ross Busillo ’24 said, “The rivalry was very heated. People really wanted to win, and they were determined to put everything into it.” Final score: 0-0

3rds boys soccer:

“We all played a great first half and had some great chances. I think we got a little down in the second half and let up a couple of easy ones but a solid game from everyone,” Axel Lindquist ’25 said. Final score: 5-0 Lawrenceville 

Varsity girls soccer:

“We really gave a good effort and had a lot of chances, but they were able to capitalize off of the chances they had and just we weren’t able to. It was a great season, and I can’t wait to see what the Hill girls soccer program will accomplish in the future,” Mandy McCarrick ’22 said.  Final score: 3-0 Lawrenceville  

JV girls soccer:

“After a long season of ups and downs, all our hard work finally paid off,” Anika Palmer ’24 said. Final score: 2-1 Hill 

Varsity girls tennis:

“The competition was tough, but it was a good last match to send off our seniors,” Carrington Bernabei ’24 said. Final score: Lawrenceville won overall 

JV girls tennis:

“Although the result wasn’t ideal, I think we all played our best and had a great weekend,” Katy Gray ’24 said. Final score: Lawrenceville won overall

3rds girls tennis:

Ryan Owens ’25 said, “I was happy to have the opportunity to play with my partners for the last time.” Final score: Lawrenceville won overall 

Nicole Moran ’22 sets up for the next play in the field hockey game. Photo by Andrew Albert ’22

Varsity field hockey:

“The game went really well. It was fun to have such an active fan section cheering us on, and of course, winning the MAPL championship,” Kerry Elliott ’23 said. Final score: 5-0 Hill 

JV field hockey:  

“The game was exhilarating, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my field hockey career,” Mackenzie Smith ’22 said. Final score: 1-0 Hill 


Lawrenceville backed out of the competition against Hill. “The lack of competition from L-Ville was disappointing,” Corbin Cartagine ’23 said. 

Staff Writers contributed to this report. Joey Asterino ’23, Cole Bilotta ’23, Jesse Corser-James ’23, Kade Davidheiser ’23, Peter Galindez ’23, Augustus Gerhart ’23, Emilie Kirschner ’23, Katie Newkirk ’22, Caden Olenczak ’23, Luke Rasmussen ’23