L’Ville Weekend: Unity through rivalry

Lawrenceville Weekend is one of, if not the, most exciting times on our campus each school year. School spirit skyrockets in a matter of days, and all members of our community join in festivities ranging from themed dress days to spoon banging to the annual bonfire. The colors blue and gray cover the student body, and school songs are sung loudly and proudly. In the days leading up to the weekend contests, the school comes together to “fight” against Lawrenceville. Whether it’s your first L’Ville Weekend or your last, you will feel deeply embedded in the Hill community after this experience.

Both on and off the field, a feeling of utmost competitiveness fills almost all Hill students as they either compete in an athletic event or cheer for their peers, especially when their rival is Lawrenceville. The rivalry between our two schools, that dates back over a century, is so deeply rooted in the Hill community that it becomes a part of everyone’s Hill experience. When I was a third former, I remember not understanding why everyone felt such a strong distaste for L’Ville – at the end of the day, it was just another boarding school somewhat similar to Hill. But after hearing chants and learning traditions from upperclassmen, I quickly learned that L’Ville Weekend is not just about winning every game. Rather, it is more about bringing our school community together on a unified front.

Throughout history, rivalry has brought different types of people together based on the fact that they have a common enemy. Whether you belong to the cross-country or tennis team does not matter once L’Ville Weekend approaches. You are a Hill student, you are automatically part of this great rivalry no matter your individual differences. 

“This weekend inspires the best out of our Hill athletes and brings everyone together through its events that demonstrate the significance of rivalry,” Andrew Chirieleison ’21 said. 

The excitement and spirit of L’Ville Weekend is a feeling that is unforgettable. Be ready to bang your spoon, chant our songs, and cheer louder than before, because Hill is coming together once again to defeat L’Ville.