Michael Murphy takes assistant coaching job at Penn State


Mike Murphy coaches the Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club

With students looking forward to the start of school, unexpected news came to the Hill athletics community. Head lacrosse coach Michael Murphy decided to step down and accept the assistant coaching job for the Penn State men’s lacrosse program.

As this is a shock to all, it was a shock to him too. Mr. Murphy has always been happy at Hill and didn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. “I was not looking to move, but when the opportunity presented itself and the offer was made, it was tough to say no,” Murphy said.

“I wasn’t going to leave for just any job. I was going to leave for a place that cares for athletics and for a coach who I think can help me become a better mentor, coach, father, husband, and person,” Murphy continued.

Before coming to Hill, Murphy had an extensive coaching background at the college level. Being with the players every day is what he loved most, and, at Hill, he felt that he didn’t get to do that as much.

As Murphy’s time at Hill ended, alumni Dave Page was named the new head coach. Page was recently the assistant coach of the men’s lacrosse program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sixth form defensemen Will Schaller said, “Coach Page is a wonderful new addition to our Hill family. He is someone who understands the importance and tradition of Hill’s community. He has a fantastic lacrosse mind with strong accolades and is motivated to take our program to the next level.”

Coach Murphy has done a lot for the boys lacrosse team and has impacted the team beyond the field. He always preached three things: accountability, commitment, and loyalty. Murphy concluded by saying, “I want people to be there for each other and sacrifice their ‘me’ for ‘we’.”