Sixth form athletes part way with Hill athletics


As 6th form athletes reflect on their experiences, they have a wealth of knowledge to leave to the underformers who will soon fill their shoes. Their advice emphasized themes such as branching out of comfort zones and not taking for granted the opportunity to take part in these various programs. 

Andrew Chirielesion ’21 has played football and lacrosse since he started at Hill his 3rd form year. Within these programs for the past four years, he feels he’s learned the value of communication, grit, hard work, and humility. He said, “You only have so many opportunities to play, and it is especially important you do not waste the fleeting moments you have with your teammates and as a Hill athlete.” 

Bella Basile ’21 has played varsity field hockey, captain of the varsity cross-country team, varsity girls swimming and diving, and varsity girls track and field. She said each sport had taught her a different lesson, but overall she “gained a greater sense of my athletic and leadership abilities” through having these outlets to express herself.

Aidan Dunn ’21 has played the same three sports beginning his 3rd form year. He was a two-year captain of the boys water polo team,a member on the swim team, and boys varsity lacrosse team. He learned that being a part of a team at Hill means being a part of something bigger than yourself. Dunn said, “The connections and relationships that I form while playing sports is something I will cherish forever.”

Kiki Lange ’21 played on the girls’ varsity field hockey team for three years, participated in strength and conditioning this fall, and has been a member of both the indoor and outdoor track teams for four years. She feels she learned some valuable lessons, but most importantly, she said, “Being a good athlete means nothing if you are not a good person. I think those values come from the amazing coaches I have had.”

Basile said she wishes she knew “there is nothing holding you back from trying new sports or following an interest to do something different.” She continued, “Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Just because it’s something you’ve never tried before or completely different from what you’re used to, it doesn’t mean that you won’t like or even love it.”

Lange says she would encourage underformers to try new things because “if you never try something new you will never know what other amazing opportunities are out there.” 

Chirielesion says one thing he regrets is not understanding that anyone can be a leader. He said he believes anyone can lead – they just have to rise to the occasion. “When you are a younger player, it takes time to find your voice in the locker room. The great thing about leaders is that they emerge in all kinds of unexpected ways.”

Parting advice from Chirielesion was to “take advantage of the opportunity of wearing the Hill jersey and representing our school to the best of your ability.” He said he now realizes you only have so many opportunities to play, so don’t waste the fleeting moments you have now. 

“Respect the traditions and values of the sports program you are in. There have been a lot of great athletes and coaches that have come before you who have helped create what Hill athletics is all about today,” Dunn said.