Athlete Spotlight: Will Schaller ‘22


As most of the students of the Hill community are, or will be, Will Schaller ’22 is laying low in precaution of not getting sick. Unfortunately, for some of the Hill community members, it is especially difficult to keep up with their main interest. 

In Schaller’s case, he is doing everything he can to keep up with lacrosse. He is keeping active by hiking, working out at home, or going to a local lacrosse field and playing with his dad and brother. 

“It is hard to get away from the routine of physical activity, as well as seeing the team every day,” Schaller said. “We have been implanting team Zoom calls just to stay in touch. We challenge each other to do activities [that are] lacrosse related and more.” 

“I miss [my teammates],” Schaller said. “I would also suggest them to take this time to focus on themselves during this break from the structure and stress that comes with everyday life. Certainly, do not forget what is going on around us, but take time to connect with family, rest and recuperate, and keep your stick in your hand. Great things can be built from adversity like we are facing right now. So once again, do your best to make the best out of this situation.”