Wyatt Fabian ’14 takes the field as new soccer coach


As school kicked off strongly this year, there were high hopes in these times of doubt for the fall sports teams to have some games. The boys soccer team had a difficult start to the season with the resignation of the varsity head coach Chris Drowne. Even though the teams did not get to play this year, a new beginning was soon to come.

Wyatt Fabian, Class of 2014, was announced the head coach of the varsity soccer team after the season was canceled. Most of the returning players knew who he was and knew the outstanding reputation he had on the field and as a coach, which made them excited for the future of the team.

Fabian said, “It was always a place I could see myself coming back to and was actively pursuing coming back to it at some point in my future, so I jumped at the opportunity.”

Fabian said, “My heart’s always been here; and, if the opportunity arose, I would definitely pursue it; and I hoped that I could find my way back to Hill.” 

With the resignation of Drowne, the school also lost a spot in the history department. Fabian was up for the challenge and said, “I’ve really wanted to be a head coach and also I’ve wanted to get back into teaching as well.”

Before taking the job opportunity, Fabian was one of the assistant men’s soccer coaches at Franklin & Marshall College. He said, “The past two years I have been out in Lancaster Pennsylvania where I was one of the assistant coaches for F&M men’s soccer programs; I have also been working on my master’s degree at Millersville University.”

With Fabian’s impressive background and reputation, he seems like the perfect fit for the head coaching position also as a teacher in the classroom. 

Fabian has had various Zoom meetings with the team, opening it up for any questions or even just a free space to catch up with some teammates. He has also invited Hill alumni and college programs such as Johns Hopkins, Stevens Tech, F&M, and Connecticut College to join a Zoom and talk with the team. He has a lot of hope for next season and said, “It can only get better from here.”

Noah Toole, a fifth former this year and next year’s captain, said, “I think the next season is going to be interesting, we have a new coach who played in the Hill system, and I think he will make our young team a national powerhouse. We have a lot of work to do but it is feasible we are all bought in.”

 Fabian and other alumni have watched from afar and have seen how far the program has come under Drowne; he sees that it is his time to continue the excellence of this program, and he will strive to do so.