Do you know Anna Yao Carroll who got her finger broken by Ryan Kearney who played golf with Khoa Cao who went to Build-A-Bear 3rd form year with Kelly Dempsey who went to Wyndcroft with Reagan Basile who is on the Honor Council with Dami Odubona who was in the same engineering class as Pierce Hart who is four-year roommates with Casey Li who is going to Northwestern with Emilie Kirschner who helped found Mawa (multi-billion dollar corporation) with Aidan Ma who dropped out of Graph Theory just like Justin Molen who is in Dr. Courtney’s Psychology class with Carmelita Robinson who is in the same chapel row as Will Reger who in kindergarten was taught by the grandmother of Andrew Mannato who used to be on the same writing fellow night as Nimala Sivakumar who used to always borrow the vacuum from Kerry Elliott who did the Humanities Arcadia reading with Bennett Cerullo who was 3rd form year roommates with Benji Wang who worked on Hairspray just like Zaara Sahgal who used to ask for Chemistry help from Jennie Ki who is in Mr. Spencer’s advisory with Jake Mitchell whose mom taught yoga to Joshua Cameron who was in the same HUSH class as Summer Lam who is a library proctor just like Carolyn McNay who arranged a piece for Orchestra played by Paige Hartshorn who’s going to university in the same city as Aman Gupta who was in the same 3rd form year scavenger hunt group as Luke Gerdeman who was in YDSA 4th form year with Elle Molyneaux who is in the same English class as Joey Bucci who is going to college across the street from Kelly Grable who ate lunch on the first day of orientation with Lucas Steinmetz who was in Orchestra 3rd form year with MoniYah Person-Henderson who was on an SAMH burnout panel with Hunter Sloan who played Ultimate Disc against Stefanie Li who ate hotpot in Chinatown once with Carver Fulmer who lived on the second floor in Senter with Mac Sims who sat at the same lunch table as Jerry Zhu who was in the same Latin class as Max Elmore who was 3rd form year roommates with Eddie Li who used to be in the same advisory as Ashley Espinosa who was in the same orientation group as Feir Zhou who, for Secret Santa, gave a Poo-Pourri to Ryan Sanborn whose dad is friends with the dad of Cate Jacobs who manages Varsity tennis where one of the members is Nikheel Madhoo who lifts in the morning just like Grant McCormack who is a prefect in Dutch with Reese Catron who is on the Ultimate Disc team with George Burkov who ate breakfast at Profe Marcano’s house with Kim Monzingo who lived in the same USE4 dorm room as Angie Chi who was late to her very first 3rd form Eudemonia class with Rosa Rodriguez who is on duty as a language fellow on Wednesday with Meena Ali who switched out of Dr. Pearson’s B period English class like Lily Heft who is in Mrs. Iammatteo’s advisory with Karly Cabot who competed for the Hungriest Rammy against Jake Moshang who was in the same final project group for English 2 as John Ju whose Wyndcroft buddy has a vendetta against Lizzie Hopper who is in a Hill vocal group just like Ethan Ambrossi who used to be on the same Discord server as Sam Cifra who makes pancakes on the second floor of USE with Lanie Lawrence who is on the same J-Ball team as Aiden Day who is in the same strength and conditioning group as the sister of Harliv Singh who is in the same Art History class as Jasmine Wang who was 3rd form year roommates with Cordelia Davies who is going to NYU with Miki Osada who played cards on the fourth floor of US with Jack Rowland whose room shares a wall with the room of Kimaura Schindler who was posted on Instagram by Alejandro Schmidt-Corujo who went with Reg Econ to NYC which is the home of Sarah Kenvin who has won an event at track and field PAISAA championships just like Rocco Bressi who is going to the same college as the brother of Courtney Bodolus who played in the student-faculty basketball game with Maggie Kondrath who almost ran for SGA president with Brandon Guo who buzzed his hair like Maks Celm who is playing a collegiate sport at a NESCAC school like McKay Allain who managed a Hill Boys Hockey team like Jason Cheng who went to the same middle school as Summer Jin who is on the Ultimate Disc team with Zoe Brafman who made a Hannah Montana music video with Ryan Park who played thirds soccer with Daniel Schlegel who’s older sister prefected Riley Neiswender who lived in the same USE1 dorm room as Adelaide Sainte-Rose who is fluent in French like Mollie Marcheskie who was a day student 3rd form year like Joey Asterino who was eliminated on the first day of 6th form showdown by Jimmy Shao who is in the same F period Mechanics class as Cameron Beckey who is in Rev. Adams’ advisory with Colin Brown who plays hangman with Grant Lupien who won best four year roommates just like Maeve Redmond who did a slam poem 4th form year with Jesse Corser-James who likes to hike with Colette Zidek who had to quarantine at Hill for two weeks before the start of 4th form year with Will Schneider who acts in a Humanities 4 video project with Cecile Wegman who lives in Reading with Ben Walt who, in English class, didn’t get sent to the Dean’s unlike Ginta Harada who is the President of the Psychology club whose members include Romil Shah who was on the same middle school basketball team as Patrick Dollhopf who is in Mr. Steinman’s advisory with Carrie Shang who volunteered at the 3rd form year Bissell wrestling tournament where one of the competitors was Kade Davidheiser who played musical chairs in the student-faculty basketball game against Cole Bilotta who lifted for Strongest Rammy against Phillip Kunkel-Quesada who sits in the same chapel row as Ian Lacey who takes English 4 AP with Noah Macielag who is doing a post-graduate year like Gia Mancy who was a Hill Girls Hockey captain with Olivia Cimorelli who is a goalie just like Mauricio Choussy who was preseason mini golf partners with Hala Silverstein who takes AP Computer Science with Gavin Mpiana who is going to college in Connecticut like Nate Whittemore who sprinted around campus to get his 6th form showdown target Annabella Schafer who was in the same college seminar class as Sadie Eilberg whose father coaches the basketball team of Gavin Grady who had a Joey shirt made after him like Nick Jarmain who is in Mr. T’s History Seminar with Corbin Cartagine who did his final project with Christie Arnold who is going to college in Florida like Heat Marley who did wrestling in the winter with Kayden White who is going to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with Logan Jacobs who played varsity boys soccer with Javi Troncoso Bueno who was in Mr. Dollhopf’s advisory 3rd form year with Maddy Timbrook who had 3rd form biology with Owen Zipfel who, for 6th form showdown was assigned Matt Field who is from North Carolina like Kate Longo who is going to the 6th Form Dance with Jake Voynar who iroommates with Cormac Whitney who is from California like Tom Leggett who played water polo with Zach Rubenzahl who took Arabic like Anna Tabarrini who in 3rd form year lived in Sherrerd like Lulu Nakagawa whose one of many 6th form showdown eliminations was Carly Mullaney who is in Mrs. Allain’s advisory with Emilia Mendoza who lives on USE1 like Maggie Classon who plays golf just like Andy Gan who was in 3rd form year Spanish class with Anthony McMullan who plays on Captain Daddy’s with Quin Craig whose girlfriend is in the same dorm as Ariana Polevshchikova who does Step with Tofe Akinyanmi who lived in Dellside like Caeli Robinson who is going to university in Maryland just like Billy Stephens who plays on The Hooks with Dante McQueen who loves to high five just like Alex Murray who was in the same English class as Nick Valoret who ran cross country with Patrick Dunn who’s going to Northeastern with Piper Schmidt who plays hockey just like Tommy McDonough who lives in New Hampshire like Colby Isabelle who is going to college in Rhode Island, which is the home-state of Rose Flaherty who played JV field hockey with Jheanelle Robinson who plays Ultimate Disc with Jillian Richards who went to Montgomery with Payton Jobson who was in 5th form US History Honors with Augie Gerhart who played cards with Mateo Contreras-Diaz who in, Wendall 5th form year, lived next to Caden Olenzack who was at the same winter lunch table as David Spencer who played rec squash like Helen Ling who repeated a grade like Ric Guan who lived in Lowndes where now one of the prefect is Anabelle LaVan who has English class with Aryanna Bodge who was in 4th form year World History with Jason Zhou who, in Integrated Math 41, sat next to Anna Yao Carroll.