A structured routine brings less stress


Media: Rachel Hwang '25

After my dog takes a shower, she sleeps in the sun in my home in South Korea.

There is this marvelous sunrise covering my face, waking me up. I open my eyes with the hope of having a wonderful day. Through the gap between my window curtain, I see the sparkly shining lights welcoming me. When I open the right side of the curtain, mountainous buildings are standing in front. As I open another side, the only color that I can see was green. Trees, grasses, and fields cover the place.

While living in both South Korea and the United States, l still end up having a similar routine in my life. Having a routine means that I have a constant order of things that occur. In this photo essay, I am going to show how I structure my routine in South Korea during breaks.

A structured routine brings less stress