Winter dance concert ends in a shining success


Media: Jennie Ki '23

Many of the dances at the winter concert creatively used light to express their theme.

Bright-colored dance clothing and the images shown on the screen behind each of the dances expressed the theme of “light” throughout the winter dance concert. Stage lights were a big component of the show, mostly displaying colors of yellow, blue, and pink to express the warmth and sadness of light. At the end of the show, dancers showed up in front of the stage with small, different-colored lanterns, expressing the beautiful movements of shades of light through graceful dance motions. 

On Feb.11, at 7:45 p.m., the Winter dance concert was held in the Center for the Performing Arts. Many guests arrived that night and filled most seats in the auditorium, tripling the excitement among the audience. 

The audience was greatly satisfied by the high quality of each of the pieces. “The energy and the audience were very alive. We were all looking forward to see a recital with Covid going on, and it was really well done. I loved the theme ‘lights.’ I think they all did an amazing job. This is hard work paid off! I will definitely see it again,” said Maya Brigandi ’22, one of the audience members.

“I thought the show was amazing. The dancers and everyone who participated in preparing this show are so talented and impressive. I loved the usage of light, and the visuals were fabulous,” said Toyosi Jaiyesimi ’22.  

The dancers were also excited after the show. “I was looking forward to seeing other dancers perform their shows. Also, I think I did a nice job on stage. The dance concert was very exciting; I enjoyed the styles of each of the two dance pieces I had,” said Carmelita Robinson ’23, the leader of the dance team. 

“I missed dancing for such a long time, so, while I was performing on stage, every moment felt like pure joy to me. I was able to let all of my emotions out on stage and show how much hard work we all did as a team,” said Ariana Polevshchikova ’23.